Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Expectations and Goals for Internship

Hello, my name is Nicholas Simons and I am excited to be participating in the botany collection internship at the Yale Peabody Museum. This is a major achievement for me as I will be assisting to support college level botany collection and research. Before I begin my first day working at the lab, I have a list of goals that I have created that I believe will help me achieve success in my internship. A goal that I set out to accomplish during my internship is to respect and handle all specimens and lab equipment with care. This will convey my maturity and conscientiousness to my advisors. Another goal I have is to treat my partners and superiors with respect. This goal will ensure that we can work together as a team which is the key to a successful work environment. Personal goals that I have are to keep a positive attitude as well as enjoy and learn as much as I can from the internship work that I will be doing. A positive attitude is important as it is key to achieving all my goals and ensuring that I will do my best work possible thus effecting a successful internship.

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