Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekly Training Homework 6/19

Weekly Homework: 6/19

This week I viewed three lab safety videos about chemistry and biology in preparation for my Internship and the botany lab. These training videos taught me about the safety concerns of the BSL2 lab as well as give insight into the proper safety precautions in the chem laboratory.

1. I learned about the 4 risk groups created by the NIH

2. The functions of a face shield

3. Containment Strategy and differences between containment equipment in the laboratories

4. How aerosols are released and the function of the special seals that can contain the aerosol in a laboratory

5. Finally, I learned that the use of sharps is more restricted as one works in Biosafety 2 Laboratories. I also learned that safe sharps can be used in substitution for regular sharps and how the blade on a safe sharp can be easily covered.

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