Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Departure - Prediction of 1st Week of Internship

On my first week of internship, I see myself as nervous walking into the workspace for the first time, but also ambitious as the same time. I'm working with Dr. Sweeney in the Peabody's Botany collection with Nick so this relieves some of the little anxiety. As I heard from last week, the specific job that Nick and I will be doing primarily is to categorize and enter a numerous amount of specimens into an online database for researchers across the nation to virtual borrow for their own research. I think that we're doing a tremendous help for those who want to readily borrow specimens virtually at a moment's notice so researchers can get to their studies/thesis/etc. faster without having to deal with shipping and handling.

In the workspace, I hope to be able to talk to everybody there since we'll be working together for the majority of the summer. I plan to ask lots of questions in order to open up conversations with lots of people and also to get filled in on information that I don't have the time to learn due to still being a high school student. I'm also looking forward to making sure I can neatly organize and keep a lab notebook as it will be future reference for those who wish to read it so.

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