Friday, June 24, 2016

The videos helped me expand my knowledge about lab safety. It taught what type of reactions can occur when exposures to certain chemicals. It also taught me how to be safe in certain bio safety levels.
1. One interesting thing I learned is that when working with animals researchers where full face shields and surgical mask to avoid contamination.
2. I learned that double gloving is often recommend because sometimes containments can get through the gloves.
3. When certain chemicals spill different reactions occur some chemicals can be cleaned up by oneself, but others need special ways of cleanups like aerosols.
4. When aerosols spill, one must hold their breath and leave the room and get call the proper clean up people.
5. There are two different bio safety levels. There is bio safety level one, safety glasses and glasses and gloves. While in level two face shields, surgical gloves, and double gloving are required.

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