Tuesday, September 20, 2016

   Dr.Pincelli Hull helped me learn so much about the field of geology that I did not about until I arrived at the internship. She and Jana were so excited and proud of their work that it got me so excited to learn so much about the difference possibilities that a geology degree can give you. A few things that I learned through this internship is how the Ph.d programs work, which was super helpful because I knew very little about how it worked. I also learned so much about foraminifera: I learned that their shells our made up of calcium carbonate and high ph levels can make their thin and weak. Also they can eat shrimp by sticking on to them and using their stomach acid to melt the tough parts of the shrimp shell to make it easier for the foraminifera to digest it. I learned a lot of about how it feels like to work in a lab, which is super important because I needed to learn whether or not I liked working in a lab. I am beyond grateful for this experience and really glad I did it. I learned a lot of cool things about Earth sciences like I could study foraminifera, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc while also gaining lab experiences. I learned that sometimes I did not like sitting in the lab for hours and not talk to someone; I for one like to work and talk for a bit. However it was a great experience and I would do it over again. One of my favorite parts is when we made the geological time scale on a roll of toilet paper, that was so much fun and we learned that humans actually make such a small portion of the time scale. My other favorite was actually arranging slides. It was peaceful and it was a bit challenging to find all the right foraminifera and then gluing it onto a slide but it was fun to arrange them in cool patterns on the slides