Thursday, June 2, 2016

Expectations and Goals

Aaliyah Shabazz

One of my goals for the internship is to do well and enjoy what I'm doing. I also hope to learn more about the museum collections. Science really interests me so it's really exciting to get to work in a lab. Another goal of mine is to improve on my time management skills. Finally, my personal goals is to spend more time with my friends over the summer.

I can accomplish my goal of doing well by listening to directions and asking questions if I don’t understand how to do something. By doing my work, I can accomplish my goal of learning more about the museum collections. I think working on this internship will help me with my time management skills because not only do I have to work at a good pace to get my work done but I also have to prioritize my homework when I’m a home. I can spend more time with friends my planning activities with them or just finding time to hang out.

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