Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Peabody's Secrets

From the outside, it's a successful museum with ancient fossils and great exhibits.

Dig a little deeper (no pun intended) and you'll find that it's a research lab full of secrets in gigantic cabinets.

I'm not kidding.

In the storage, there are around 13 million objects that the public has no idea about. The museum only has a select few of these things in their exhibits. In other words it's holding some dirty secrets. Of course, amazing dirty secrets. Secrets that scientists study day to day in hopes to uncover new findings about topics such as Invertebrate Paleontology.

Now, getting to these specimens is a hard process. It's not like the spy movies where the spy makes a easy door with a laser hidden in a pen. The issues here are more of accessibility. Take a scientist from Ohio wants a specific specimen that the Peabody has in their research storage. Traveling form Ohio to Connecticut is a bit much. Wouldn't it be better to meet somewhere in the middle? Say the internet? It would make research sharing much easier if there was a way to digitize the research.

That idea's not just floating around in mid-air. It's definitely in the making and will be the first step to easily sharing findings and discoveries in an efficient manner.

Then again why wouldn't the Ohio scientist want to come to the Peabody? We're amazing!

Sorry there... Blame the Peabody.

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