Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I learned that the Yale Peabody Museum doesn't showcase all of its artifacts, fossils, and other tangible objects. There is kind of like an underground basement literally filled to the rim with a multitude of fossils of animals and plants.
Dr. Butt came in to talk to us about her study with brachiopods. She discussed various fields of her work including working with expensive equipment like the electron microscope and cataloging diverse fossils. Dr. Butt's work and experience really opened me to a new outlook of a special study. Her story to how she got exposed to work affiliated with microscopic fossils really inspired me even though she stumbled upon the field accidentally. She continued her discussion giving us ideas for our visual display. We decided as a group to dedicate a section that would be informative about fossils and what they are, what their attributes are. Furthermore, we would explain how climate change affected the characteristics of ancient animals and plants and their fossils now.
Overall, I developed a greater understanding on the importance of studying fossils.

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