Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Earthquakes ft Our Existence

Today during this snowy meeting, we learned about tectonic plates and the way they create the ground shaking, jaw dropping, equally interesting natural disasters known as Earthquakes.

From watching a lot of television, I could easily tell you what an earthquake is. It's obviously when the ground just shakes and causes a multitude of disasters. Kind of, but not really. The one thing the old me is leaving out is the slight detail that plates called Tectonics that glide over a layer of the Earth called the mantle shift in opposite directions causing these shakes.

There you go now. Here's to education and not television.

To measure these earthquakes, scientists use what's called a Richter Scale. It measures how bad it is on a scale of one to ten. Ten being the worst.

Now onto our feature of today's blog. Earth. The big round thing we live on.

The thing that might not live on forever. Of course we wouldn't know when Earth dies because by that time it's predicted that the human race, just like all others eventually do will end. If you think of the Geologic Time Scale as a clock, you'd realize that human's have barely been here for a second. We're very new in these aspects. So just like all Sensei's say to their pupils.

"You've got a long road ahead of you Young Grasshopper"

Earth is our Sensei, and we are the youthful Young Grasshoppers.

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