Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Today Dr. Butts came in to talk to us. We gained insight into what we were going to do during our internship. Dr. Butts opened up with a map of where birds moved in the US within the last 40 years. They were moving north because of climate change. It was basically a way to explain that we are going to find changes in fossils over spans of millions of years, due to climate change. She told us about the many many storage cabinets of specimens in the basement of the museum. She explained how we will digitize the fossils, specimens, and objects, as well as how we will find a way to present all the information we find at Sci.Corps. She also extensively spoke to us about brachiopods. She told us about how a lot of North America was once submerged, so now it is easy to find these fossils of the shelled fauna.

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