Monday, February 2, 2015

ohio Rocks

Geology is the study of the Earth, Geologist dont study the floor or  other things. Geologist study the history of earth through (Rocks) rock formations,landforms.
Ohio Geology is broken into 2 separated ways. The oldest being 500,50 million years old to about 200,50 million years old way older than the Dinosours. Those rocks are called Paleonzoic Rock. They can be Limestone,sandstone or shell stone. Also on the rocks all on the bottom layer are the oldest, while the ones on the top are youngest.
Water plays a very important part of Ohios geology but also the world. Water shaped most of the earths curving rocks and forming soils.
Oldest Glaciation we know about ohio is about a million years old. Last glacier that left ohio was about 15 thousands years ago.
Glaciated sediment = no more than a million
Paleozoic sediments = 250 million years old.

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