Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dr. Hull's Mission in the Sea

     After learning about Dr. Pincelli Hull's research and lab work. Her research consisted of Ocean Drilling, "The Titanic," and Life at Sea. Dr. Hull came today to talk to us about her experiences living in the ocean. She described the fun "life at sea," working with her co-chiefs, core describers, IODP technicians, and who she calls "Keepers of Time." Dr. Hull described her passion for geology as it is a combination of all her favorite sciences and her central subject of the ocean's ecosystems. Her life on the JR {Jodi's Resolution} was her working with large pipes of samples dug from the bottom of the oceans. she has collected various samples that she tested and wrote about. What interested me was the pure passion Dr, Hull possessed for analyzing the response of marine life to the different climate changes Earth has faced.

     Dr. Hull clarified many doubts of mine including how the dinosaurs actually went extinct. When an asteroid hit the Earth, most of the rock vaporized, but also sent man chunks of hot rock into the air falling as "tektites." The impact of the asteroid also sent dust and rocks flying into the air suffocating life {mainly dinosaurs}; killing them off. Dr. Hull described how their were other proposed theories of how dinosaurs may have went extinct such as the occurrence of a possible supernova. However a supernova would've resulted in a plethora of plutonium along with iridium, and there was no plutonium to be found, so that couldn't have been a possibility. 

     There was so much to take in form this meeting and it all emphasized the affects of different elements on our oceans and the history that got erased due to emissions. 

~Gayatri Sivalenka 

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