Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Adventurous Adventures of Dr. Hull

Today, the amazing Dr. Pincelli Hull came in and told us about her adventures, sailing around the world's oceans (her exact quote was that she was"playing outside") digging holes into the floors to find out what there is to know inside of them using old oil rigs. She studies the forans in those samples and with the other scientists on the ship and together with their interesting yet laborious jobs they figure out everything there is to know about their samples. The jobs that they did on the ship were so strenuous, and when Dr. Hulls informed us about the amount of hours that they had to work, I almost fainted. I learned a lot about the work that she did and the logistics behind it. Like getting all those samples to create a library so that it's easy to locate where everything is. Then all of the books that they had to write about their findings gave me a new insight. It's not just that scientists go to the places and explore it, but they actually have to record their writings in a way that the public can see.

It makes sense because I doubt you can fit the entire population onto a boat just so they can see what scientists are doing. That's what why we have letters, and words, and many many sentences consisting of these things.

I feel like after this experience, the first thing that I'm going to think about right before I start complaining in the morning will be the scientists at sea working so hard to respond to questions that they themselves have brought up, and support it with real life evidence so people like us can learn and understand.

And maybe apologize to everyone I've complained too...

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