Friday, July 1, 2016

Does the expedition in chapter 7 hold any significance in our time?
The expedition discovered the Ichthyornis dispar and a larger Hesperornis solidified the that were was once a link between reptiles and birds.
It also proved that Darwin's theory of evolution further. It showed the horse began as a small three toed or five toed horse and then evolved into the current horse with hooves. It became the basis for evolution and helped us discover relationships between several different species.

How does it compare to the research that was done in the article?
The research in the article was done to improve the knowledge of the local plants and to help how much we need plants. Also it was done to help people gain ,plants knowledge of plants and ability to identity the types of plants and their uses. The expedition served a similar purpose. The expedition helped further prove Darwin's theory of evolution. It also expanded the knowledge of several relationships between birds and reptiles and from other species.

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