Friday, July 1, 2016

Chapter 7

Does the expedition in chapter 7 hold any significance in our time?

The expedition in chapter 7 broke down the distinction between birds and reptiles. During this expedition, Marsh discovered evidence of the series of transitional forms between birds and reptiles. At the time, the public didn't want to see these findings because it proved that Darwin's theory of evolution was fact. Now, we embrace this fact and continue to study evolution.

How does it compare to the research that was done in the article?

Marsh's expedition compares to the research that was done in the article because both were meant to gain skills and increase knowledge in a certain subject. Marsh's expedition was meant to increase knowledge of fossils and evolution and also allowed the students he brought along to gain and practice paleontology skills. The research that was done in the article increased knowledge of local plants and allowed the students who took part to gain spatial skills in georeferencing and GPS use, as well as, botanical skills in field identification, inventorying, and data management.

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