Friday, July 8, 2016

Chapter 4 and First Week Summary

During our first week at Dr. Sweeney's botany lab, I spent most of my time mounting plant specimens that are to be archived in the lab's extensive archive department. I've learned to have extreme patience in handling the different specimens. Some of the specimens I mounted were quite large in size, creating complications in fitting them on the paper. After my second day of mounting I have become more acquainted with the procedure. On my third day I begun to help file plant specimens that were sent to the Peabody Museum. It was interesting to learn how the specimens are filed into the cabinets.

Chapter 4 Question #1:

A major problem that occurred while constructing the Peabody Museum was that the available funds to build the Museum was not nearly enough to create the building that they envisioned. The trustees of the Peabody commissioned a grand design of the Peabody Museum that would "suit" best to their mission on understanding life on earth. The funds given to them only allowed them to build one wing of their design. These dilemmas are not issues of the past. Rather, they continue to cause problems today when insufficient funds causes different construction projects to be delayed.

Chapter 4 Question #2:

A roadblock that can occur when starting a research project is that there is a possibility that the project will exceed the funds that one has available. The Peabody trustees designed a beautiful Museum that would house their collections and would help in their mission in understanding all life on earth. Unfortunately, the lack of money only allowed for the construction of one wing of the Museum. Money is a very important aspect in a research project. Many different aspects contribute to a research project and each of those individual aspects cost money. When the money begins to add together, one can find that the costs may become too high.

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