Friday, July 22, 2016

IF - Homework 7/17/16

How was the week? What happened and what did you do at your internship this week?

This week went by fast but was mostly the same old same old with mounting new specimens and cataloguing more online. However with doing more of this, I am slowly progressing and becoming better at the two activities. With every specimen I mount, I become more aware of how many strips would I really need, how thin/thick should they be, etc. With cataloguing, I continue to decrease the amount of specimens that are unprocessed.

 Draft your poster Introduction.

Working under the supervision of Dr. Sweeney in the Botany section of the Peabody's Collections, I am tasked in contributing to the lab's overall goal of digitizing the Botany Collection online. Interns are tasked with mounting plant specimens onto a paper platform and later digitizing it onto a database. In collaboration with other universities along the east coast, a huge collection of botanical specimens are made viewable online by researchers across the nation and across the globe for future studies. 

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  1. This is a good start. What is the purpose of this research? Why’s it important? Highlight this so that your readers can care about it as much as you and your team do! I see that you said future studies, but what kind of studies?