Friday, July 8, 2016

What we have done in the Geology lab so far is learn about what our mentor research and how things are set up in the lab. We learned a bit about foraminifera and what they are and where they are from. We looked at them from under the microscope because they are microfossils and we saw a few of the many types of foraminifera under the scope; we also identified a few of them. We also spoke with one of the most women to study foraminifera and she told us a bit more of the study of foraminifera. Finally, we learned how to prepare samples to be washed and how to wash them without losing important parts of the sample. At the end of day we pre-washed them and prepared them for being washed tomorrow.

What were the problems that were keeping the Peabody Museum from being built? Are these issues modern day or simply issues of the past? Explain why or why not.
One issue was that there were not enough funds to build the grand design of the Peabody. The people who were in charge of the design are created a grand design and they were not enough funds to create it. This issue is not just an issue of the past, it is an issue of today too. I believe our Hall of Dinosaurs has not been redone due to lack of funds. It isn't just our museum, any other museum or place that does not have the fund they need to build or make something it does not happen or does not happen completely.

Why isn't current research faster--What are some roadblocks that can come from starting a new research project or forming new labs?
Some roadblocks are money. If there is not enough money then the research can be started, finished, or has to be halted. Another roadblock is getting the permission needed to began research and after permission is granted than one must get the proper funding otherwise the research cannot start.

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