Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Routine's in Dr. Hull's Lab

Before the Geology Internship happened I never thought that I would get used to a lab routine until later on in my life.

But then again that is this internship in a nutshell. Doing and experiencing amazing things before I imagined myself to.

The day started out with getting to the lab at 9:30 am. We slipped into our lab coats and covered our hands with gloves. From there we would record the sample that we planned on cleaning into a chart and strut on over to our sinks. Once we turned on the de-ionized taps, we started on our tasks of cleaning the samples.

Time in the lab goes by very fast. I was very surprised to see how quickly time passed from when I started, to when it ended. Then my attention would turn to all the samples that I ended up cleaning and the time difference would make sense. I'd cleaned at least six samples in the time that I was in the lab. I was interested and constantly asking myself questions the whole time. The questions you can ask about mud that's millions of years old are honestly endless.

 I guess now I finally understand what my fifth grade teacher told me, "If you really enjoy doing something, time goes faster."

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