Thursday, June 25, 2015

The First Day in Dr.Hull lab.

When I first walked in Dr.Hull lab , it did looked the way I was expecting to look like. Easy to get around , everything well organized Like any other lab.  But the cool part was that  this time I would be doing real work! that really got me excited. My first time ever working in a lab. As I was getting intructions how to wash forams , I wanted to start right away. While I was washing  couple examples , it came to my mind that Im really doing very  important work. Its  amazing Im washing forams from the K-T boundry which happend about  66 million years ago!! this samples cost thousands of dollars , so its really important to take it very serious. The labs is filled with very dedicated , motivated, intelligent and friendly people. thats what make it a really awsome lab to be in.  Really looking forward to have a interesting summer.  also to learn more about this amazing forams.

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