Friday, July 17, 2015

Procedures Of Daily Work In The Lab

In Dr.Hull lab we get the chance to wash-bottle foraminifera. I would explain the
Basic procedures of washing-bottle Forams!

washing forams

 step1: Put on Lab Coat, Safety glasses and gloves.

step 2 : Make sure you grab a 38mm sieve thats clean!

step 3: grab the beaker which the sample is in.

step4: record on your data sheet the basic information ( Date,Beaker # ,How long sample has be soaking for,type of wash " wash 1" "wash 2 etc" Your initials and  time took you to clean it,)  also on the filter paper write beaker # , type of wash.

step 5: Place sample into the sieve.

step 6: Wash Until water from sieve comes out clear with distilled water. 

step 7: Grab the same beaker , put a funnel in it also with the filter paper inside the funnel.

step8 : Dump the clear sample into the funnel with the filter paper and let it dry!

step 9: Take the filter paper out of the funnel  carefully and place filter paper back into the beaker.

step 10: Put the sample in the oven, and do the same steps for all samples.

weighting - bottling foraminifera

step1: Grab dry samples from the oven  ,  small tubes, 2 seperated boats to weight the forams in the balance, brush, and the  data sheet to look for the labels to go on the tubes.

step2: Dump the dry samples into the boats from the filter paper that was use to to place the forams.

step3: Put the boat into the balance and record its weight into the data sheet.

step4: From the 2 boats place the tube in one boat and dump the forams into the tube very carefully.

step5 : The put the labels around the tubes.

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