Thursday, July 30, 2015

Research Paper Outcome

While my role in the lab did not have a direct outcome, my work did contribute to a much larger project that the lab was focusing on. Susan’s work primarily focuses on climate change, and comparing how Earth used to look to now. These fossils also allow scientists to piece together parts of the puzzle that is the earth’s history. Through examining these insect fossils, paleontologists can determine the climate at various points throughout prehistory. This then gives them a more comprehensive image of past flora and fauna. By knowing what was capable of living then, scientists can predict what future life on Earth will look like based on the increase in climate. My work was important to the lab because it made the jobs of scientists just a bit easier. They now have a collection of fossils identified and cataloged, making it easier to access and study them. By having them digitized, other scientists from around the world can also study them, making their jobs easier, too. Not everyone has the capability to travel to New Haven to study these collections in person, so having them online makes this wonder trove of knowledge accessible to anyone.

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