Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spending Summer With Forams

My second week in Dr.Hull lab have been incredible. I always look forward to go to it, the first few days were very confusing , I was still learning ofcource. Everything seem so complicated ,  but everyday it starts to get very simple. When Im washing the samples filled with forams times goes by so fast when you finish your 5th-6 sample , its 12:30PM already. The cool thing about it is the you want to keep on doing more samples but time does not allowed you. Then you think that most samples takes about 25-30 minutes to be completly Finished and clean. I enjoy my Mornings in Dr.Hull lab everyday , I get to see 65 Million year olds forams!
When you go In the lab be  concentrate on what Leanne  assigned you  to do , its either washing or labeling, weighin.  you get really good at both by time. ofcource always  be focus because you do not want to mess anything up. I can already predict that the next few weeks in the lab is going to be such an amazing experience everyday and also filled with very important work that we do. what other way to spend that summer than with forams!

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