Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gayatri's Procedure

I am planning to make my poster about the literal lab work we do, and then conclude explaining how this work contributes to learning about climate change.

Unwrapping Specimens-
  1. Take specimen out of wrapping extremely carefully
  2. Make sure you keep all the papers that have writing on them that came packed with the fossil.
  3. Place all the pieces that came together in an appropriately sized box.
Identifying Specimens-

  1. Examine specimen closely, identify its similarities to modern insects (eg. fly, bee, wasp, mosquito, etc.)
  2. Determine the actual order of the insecta using a insect fossil guide.
  3. Label the specimen using a pigma micron pen on paper and place the label and fossil back into the box.
  4. Catalogue the named fossils into the Yale’s collections.

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