Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I learned.....

I learned so many awesome , important things during my time in the lab and also when I was out of the lab. I learned something new about why scientist study foraminifera , forams are a single cell organism that can be found deep in the ocean sometimes 500km into the ocean. They are very important to study because they can tell us about how the climate was million years ago even though they are so small to see with your naked eye ,but they can be seem through a microscope and  they will blow your mind away , they are all types of size , shape, color etc. iv´e also learned that climate change has play important role in Earth History. Earth have been through all types of climate from cold glaciers to  hot tropical climate million of years ago and the incredible thing that animals adapt to all types of climate  and evoled to the species they are now, even though most living things went extinct like the dinosaurs , theres some animals still alive in the present that been going through evolution for million of years. I  learned how to say Epoch the correct way also .

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