Monday, August 17, 2015

Last Day (Aug 7th)

Farewell Foraminifera.

This internship has been a journey both exciting and overwhelming. But it's sure to be one that I will never forget.

There's so much that I learned and got to experience as these weeks flew by. Though I wasn't explicitly part of the oceanographic expeditions that Dr. Hull and her colleagues went on, I got to be part of actually bringing their work to the light. I'm grateful to have been part of the lab routines that would bring them to the research that those scientists have been spending all their time doing.

It's serious dedication that all of these scientists have, not just in the lab I was interning at, but in general. Dedication like that deserves to be known.

The new knowledge that I get to take home with me might not have anything to do with the future that I want, but knowledge doesn't always have to be opaque. I'm sure that there will be a time that I will get to shed all this new information and probably even surprise a few people with it. The experience that I had at the lab is one that I want to share, and I never will hesitate to.


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