Saturday, January 10, 2015

What Janae Learned

At the beginning of the day, I was blown away with the topics that were presented to me. I was familiar with the Earth's historical timeline, but was unaware of the depth of it. I had heard of eras and periods but didn't understand how they were different or what they fit into. For example, I now know that the time frame called Cenozoic is an era and that there are periods of times during that era called Tertiary and Quaternary. Also I know now that these eras weren't randomly decided, but they were actually divided by life and events that have taken place in Earth's history. I've been able to realize how the information that I have obtained today will will benefit me. While observing some of the Yale Peabody's Natural History Museums exhibits today, I've been able to make connections between the timeline and concepts that interpret to museum visitors regularly. For example evolution, while looking at Earth's timeline we can identify the extinction of dinosaurs and the evolution of birds. The idea that some dinosaurs might have evolved to birds plays into how I have to interpret the idea of evolution here at the museum. Already I'm very excited about better understanding the Earth's timeline. I believe that this is very useful information and can help me understand other topics or even conversations that I might engage in in the future.

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