Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our little Rock Tour

More so than anything, today was mainly a gateway into what we would be doing. We basically started to get a grasp on all the knowledge involved with rocks. We talked about the different kinds of geology. Things like Physical geology, historical geology, paleontology, and archaeology. We talked about the different types of rock. We saw what igneous rocks were, what metamorphic rocks were, and what sedimentary rocks were. We also learned about how minerals are different. Samples of each kind were actually brought in. We got to have a little hands on tour of all kinds of rocks, and minerals. we saw how hard talc was compared to a thing like corundum. We got to see rocks that were from all over the world (courtesy of Matt). We also got to see rocks from different parts of CT. We looked at rocks like obsidian from volcanoes(Igneous rocks), rocks off the bank of rivers and streams(fluvial rocks) rocks like sandstone and limestone(sedimentary rocks), and rocks like marble or graphite(Metamorphic rocks).

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