Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rocks, Rocks, Rocks, and don't forget the Minerals

This meeting I learned the most important thing there is to learn when studying Geology.


Let me tell you, that those were the best two hours I've ever had talking about rocks and minerals. I never really imagined myself learning what was on the surface of the Earth as in depth as I did on Tuesday. To know that these solid objects hold some of the most interesting moments of Earth's history in them is amazing. 

There was a part of the meeting where we looked at this large, heavy trace fossil with an imprint of a footprint. Now, just when I was about to loose interest and jump to the conclusion that it was a mold of a fossil; I was lured back. After I was told that I was holding a real fossil, I couldn't help but feeling as if I just poked the Queen or someone. I was holding part of our history. History that took place before the word history was even made.

I felt kind of special.

Learning different types of rocks makes me want to identify every single rock I see. Of course, that'd be hard to do without odd looks; but I am thankful I have the knowledge to tell the difference between a metamorphic rock from a sedimentary. So far I'm learning many new things that are both interesting and useful to know. I like to know my surroundings and where I am, what's not better than understanding the very foundation I'm standing on today?

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