Friday, August 5, 2016

IF - Weekly Homework 7/31

Discussion/Going Further 

Like any scientific project, this one is no exception and is still ongoing. Through our 6 week internship with Dr. Patrick Sweeney, we were exposed to a non-stereotypical internship and experienced a different kind of internship with collection management. With the collaborative effort of myself and my peers, we were able to mount, data input, catalogue, and image specimens at a greater production rate with our versatility being able to decide which task to do. This in turn allowed the more experienced and older lab members to do tasks that we weren't qualified to do since we were filling up the tasks they would've originally did. After the internship ends, the lab will continue their efforts in digitizing the Peabody's Botany Collection as well as other institutions that don't have such equipment such as University of Rhode Island, University of Vermont, etc. 

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