Friday, August 5, 2016

Conclusion and Revised Procedure

Revised Mounting Specimens Procedure:

#1: Clear the surrounding work area. If needed, place paper towels on the table to prevent any disorder.

#2: Don a lab coat, latex gloves, and safety goggles to protect body from harmful antigen residue on specimens

#3: Gather the correct materials to mount a plant specimen. One will need a small paint brush, a bottle of archival glue, and an ample supply of paper straps

#4: Place a piece of cardboard on the table. Next, take one sheet of bristol board paper and position it on top of the cardboard

#5: Delicately grasp the newspaper holding the plant specimen and place it carefully onto the table

#6: Open the newspaper to reveal the plant specimen

#7: Take the paper label accompanied with the specimen and firmly paste it on the bottom right side of the bristol board.

#8: Fold a fragment packet to glue on the paper. This will house any loose pieces from the specimen.

#9: Cautiously lift the specimen and lay it on the paper

#11: Use a pair of tweezers to place the paper strips over the specimen. These will be used to fasten the plant on the paper.

#12: Next, place the mounted plant and the cardboard on the shelf.

#13: Cover the mounted specimen with a piece of wax paper.

#14: Set washers onto the paper to prevent any bends or folds.

#15: Repeat steps 4 through 16 when mounting another plant specimen.


 The digitization of the specimens collected by Dr. Sweeney's Laboratory is an ongoing project. During the summer of 2016, my colleagues and I assisted the laboratory's staff by mounting and documenting plant specimens. The collaborative efforts of my group allowed the lab to further their goal.

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