Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First Day at the Lab

This first day in Dr. Hull's lab was honestly so different form what I expected.

For one I thought I was going to sit there at a table with a large slab of mud, and a sponge. But who knew that mud sampling was more than just that?

The different things that go on in Dr. Hull's lab are exciting to see. This lab specializes in micro-fossils- mostly foraminifera.

Now, onto the lab work itself...

Let's start with saying that it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. When I was told that I was holding mud from billions of years ago-before whales were actually whales- when birds weren't that cute- I was terrified. I wondered why I was there, and why the Peabody would trust a short, 16 year old girl with history.

Much to my knowledge it wasn't as intense as my imagination made it seem. The lab work was straight forward but interesting at the same time. I enjoyed looking at all of the foraminifera and loved hearing the story or history that Dr. Hull would tell us about them. It was really great and I enjoyed my time tremendously.

I'm excited to be coming in on Thursday and hope to learn many many more new things.

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