Monday, May 30, 2016

Departure - Expectations and Goals

To be honest, I'm just ready to embrace this summer internship with open arms and accept whatever is thrown at me. My expectations for this internship is learn more about the museum in the 6 weeks that I'm in the Collections working than my all of my previous visits to the museum combined. I've heard that less or around 1% of the Peabody's Collection is out on display on the floor and I'm expecting this summer internship to show me much more than all 3 floors of the Museum. Aside from the knowledge presented, I hope to meet nice and friendly people working in collaboration with Dr. Sweeney in the Botany Collections to foster friendships to make this experience more enjoyable. During lunch time or downtime, I hope I can talk to those in the Collections about something else besides the internship such as how college is like, how they found their major, how'd they end up at the Collections, etc. On the flip side, I hope that everyone will be lenient and patient with me during the first few weeks if I mess up or ask unnecessary questions to relieve some anxiety about being the odd one out of everyone working there. 

One personal goal that I hope to get out of this internship is what is the experience to work in a museum's collections. Obviously, a museum's collections is different from how a research lab and I'm wondering in what ways are the two different from each other. In terms of steps on how to achieve my goal, I'd say that you can't really describe it in steps like baking a cake out of a cookbook. At it's core, it's mostly 
Step 1. Acquire Collections internship. 
Step 2. Go through training for said internship. 
Step 3. Go to internship on required days. 
Step 4. Do work for internship. 
Step 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the internship is over. 
Step 6. Do post internship stuff such as making a poster, presenting the poster, etc.

My goal is something different in which I'm in it for the experience and I'll achieve it simply by living through life and enjoying every second of it.

Isaac Faustino

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